Open for business - Trade and Invest Wales

Cymru Wales brand logo

We partnered with the Welsh Government to build a website, Trade and Invest Wales, that demonstrates Wales as a hub of innovation and opportunity for a global audience. By creating wireframes and collaborating closely with the branding agency, we designed templates that provide a consistent user journey and prioritize content. The website showcases Welsh business success stories through a variety of content types, utilizing a grid system and a bespoke article view. With a minimal colour palette, uppercase headings, and high-quality photography, the site exudes professionalism. By customizing the user experience with geolocation technology, we connect users with the nearest Welsh Government office for inquiries. The website positions Wales as an excellent place to do business, emphasizing its global significance.

In summary, we developed Trade and Invest Wales, a website that highlights Welsh business excellence to a global audience. Through strategic design choices, engaging content, and personalized experiences, we contribute to Wales' future as a thriving business destination.