Agile development

The right Agile blend for your project

Our team of delivery managers and developers use Agile methods.

Many of our clients prefer to take a small step back from a truly Agile approach, blending in some of the more traditional project management tools.

This mix generally translates as…

  • Focussing on user needs, based on user stories
  • Internal Agile development process
  • Releasing early and often
  • Iterate, test, learn, change and test again
  • End of sprint demo / show and tell
  • Reprioritisation of user stories as required

But with

  • A project plan
  • An itemised and costed scope of work
  • Weekly status reports and updates
  • Project logs (action, issue and risk logs)
  • Change request process documentation

We are happy to take this approach or a full Agile approach for your project.

Phases of an agile project

Our project approach aligns with the GOV.UK Service Manual.

  • Discovery
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Live
  • Retirement

When you ask S8080 to put forward a proposal for your project, we'll provide a suggested approach for you that details each phase of the work you'd like us to help you with.

These phases will fall under the Service Manual headings and each step within each phase is explained; we estimate how long it will take, who will need to work on it and how much it will cost.

We’re very grateful to S8080 for the hard work they’ve put into this project, and we’re immensely pleased with the final product. From the outset, they stood out head and shoulders above their competitors, with their down to earth attitude and excellent project management skills. 

They took the time to understand our needs, and now the result is a clean and crisp design and a new site architecture that is helping visitors find what they are looking for.

Cass Martin - DECC - Dept. of Energy and Climate Change

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