Keyword research and keyphrase mapping

Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable and high return activities in the internet marketing field, but it is so often an activity that is completed poorly, or in some instances not at all.

Keyphrase research is the process of identifying valuable keywords and phrases for your organisation. Selecting the right keywords isn’t just a case of knowing which ones have the greatest volume – it’s a case of finding those that are relevant, where searcher desire is likely to be satiated by the content of your website, and for which your organisation is likely to rank for in the short, medium or long term.

Searcher intent is carefully considered; we want to send targeted visitors to your site, not a ton of traffic that will bounce right back to the search results. Thorough research will often uncover previously untargeted niches, presenting your organisation with potentially new and untapped opportunities.

Our keyphrase services include:

  • Working with your organisation to develop a robust and informative seed list
  • Full keyphrase research using a range of freely available and proprietary tools
  • The selection of keyphrases based on volume, searcher intent, competition, and likelihood to convert
  • Competitive analysis of priority keyphrases – how likely is your organisation to rank for this in the short, medium and long term?
  • Final allocation of keyphrases mapped against existing information architecture
  • Unmapped keyphrases are used to indicate additional content requirements
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