PRINCE2 practitioners & project management

S8080 employ a team of four PRINCE2 qualified Project Managers to adopt and scale relevant elements of the PRINCE2 and Agile methodologies on a project by project basis.

We are ridiculously organised and efficient. Our project management team keep everything on track and on budget with efficiency, humility and good humour.

Our project team come from the practical, common sense school of project management, offering solutions before you are even aware of any problems.

The PRINCE2 and Agile elements we use depend on the scope of each project and your specific requests, however, all S8080 projects are run using core PRINCE2 principles and that means your project proceeds according to an agreed plan, with agreed deliverables and that all risks are monitored and communicated to your project team until sign off.

We pay great attention to the initial scoping of the project to ensure that all deliverables are clearly defined. Careful planning and meticulous documentation ensures that everyone is clear as to their responsibilities and the expected outcome of the project. The devil is in the details.

Project documentation can include:

  • Project plan
  • Project logs (action, issue and risk logs)
  • Project initiation documentation (PID)
  • Contact reports
  • Weekly status reports and updates
  • Change request process documentation
  • Lessons learned - post project review documentation
  • Sign off documents

Agile development processes

Our team use Agile methodologies, best practices and tools throughout the development phases of the project and we love it (especially the techies). It’s a core part of the technical planning phase and build phase and it ensures great communication, higher levels of understanding and collaboration throughout the whole team and stakeholders which keep our projects running smoothly.

We have daily stand-ups around Kanban boards with backlog, in progress, peer review, in test and done to keep on top of issues.

Depending on the project we often release a batch of work as part of an iterative release, and as part of that we tell you what we are doing, what is going to be delivered and what isn’t yet completed. These pre-releases or sneak previews make sure you get an early sight of progress during the technical build phase of the project.

We find that many of our clients take a small step back from a truly Agile approach, in reality, wanting a blend between PRINCE2 and Agile which we find works well for all. Of course, we are really happy to take this approach or a full Agile approach to your project.

Great communication and a lean approach

We have broken the traditional agency model. We don’t insert the extra layer of inaccessibility that ‘business development’ people or account managers tend to introduce. You’ll have access to anyone in our company, whenever you need it.

During the alignment, IA and UX phase of your project, you’ll be working directly with S8080’s directors.

Then, once it’s time to start the creative elements of your project, you can speak directly to the designer who is working on it. You can chat about database structures with our technical team lead or discuss the intricacies of accessibility with our implementation team. Of course, you can still go through our project management team if that is easier for you.

Through the project phases, we use Daily stand-ups (Scrum stand-up). For smaller projects, this is done informally throughout the day. Importantly we keep the client involved and updated typically every couple of days or at least weekly – each week you get a weekly status report.

We’re very grateful to S8080 for the hard work they’ve put into this project, and we’re immensely pleased with the final product. From the outset, they stood out head and shoulders above their competitors, with their down to earth attitude and excellent project management skills. 

They took the time to understand our needs as an organisation, and now the result is a clean and crisp design and a new site architecture that is helping visitors to our site find what they are looking for and enjoy the site experience.

Cass Martin - DECC - Dept. of Energy and Climate Change

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