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We are often tasked with developing an organisation’s corporate identity / brand guidelines for effective online use. Many brand manuals have no (or very limited) consideration for online brand delivery – perhaps just a few un-tested RGB colours and a JPEG version of the logo.

Digital brand development

We help our clients develop their branding online - incorporating digital brand guidelines as appendices to their existing brand manual. We help with everything from online tone of voice through to an accessibility tested digital interpretation of the brand's colour palette - ensuring it passes colour contrast tests to be accessible to all and appears consistent across platforms and devices.

Our branding experience

Although we work in partnership with many branding agencies for our larger clients, we have in-house branding expertise that enables us to extend brands for our client’s sub-sites, microsites and campaigns. We’ve worked with brands like Orange, CITB, Adobe, No.10 and The Audit Commission. We’ve created brand assets for Visit Wales, Department of Energy and Climate Change and Nominet. This vast experience means that our design team is trusted by brand managers to help them quickly deliver digital assets and campaigns efficiently and cost effectively.

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